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Rakesprogress describes itself as a ‘progressive gardening magazine’ and ‘a contemporary look at the world outside’. We think they mean ‘get out there’.

We should say we’ve been waiting for someone to update the humble gardening magazine. Until now the marvellous The Plant and the indispensable Garden Design Journal have been holding the fort at Magalleria. And now, too, Rakesprogress brings elements of visual art, photography and an accomplished designer’s style to the field. But that wouldn’t be enough. This magazine is about getting hands-on to find your way in, or connecting with, the natural environment. Here’s what the publishers say: ‘Rakesprogress is as much a snapshot of the world beyond your computer's window as it is a guide to the tricky business of growing stuff. Flick through these pages and of course you'll see gardens, plants and flowers, but you'll also find photography, bees, tools, craft, veg, art, architecture, sheds, clothes, jam and, of course, rhubarb. Even if you never pick up a rake, if you want an antidote to the mad whirl of digital, there is something here for you.’

This is a gardening magazine that puts most photography magazines in the shade. Grab a copy while you can.