Pleasure Garden


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As the name might suggest, Pleasure Garden is less about spadework and more about the senses.

Pleasure gardens originated in the 16th century and proliferated until the early 19th century but are commonly associated with 18th century London, where they provided a diversion from the strains and, most probably, the unpleasantness of city life. The pleasure garden was, according to John Tebb, one of the originators of this very inspiring new magazine, ‘a place to escape to – a fantasy in a garden, filled with art, music, fashion, society and sex.’ And that is the magazine offers you, dear reader: ‘an array of attractions – ranging from the past to the present, the sedate to the salacious’. After the heritage joys of Cabana and Luncheon, not to mention the new horticultural aesthetic established by RakesProgess, we overjoyed to see this sumptuous, coffee table cultural examination and, let’s face it, extended wallow in beauty and splendour.