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Broccoli & Brains is a UK magazine taking on the obesity epidemic. There are claims that this is the first publication to do so, but what is really impresses us is the way it gets on with the job. More to the point this is a fantastic magazine in its own right, and a design winner to boot.

Health messaging is a tricky business with numerous pitfalls. For many it's a turn-off in the first place. Take the wrong tone and you'll lose your audience in no time at all. B&B has its work cut out navigating the issues around obesity, addiction and psychology. Taking the long view of developments that have lead to a health crisis, the magazine neatly swerves clear of any prescriptive analysis or advice. This third issue explores 'tales and truths, life and lies,' in part providing personal testimonies of obesity, challenges faced, battles won and those ahead. This storytelling approach reveals how we often lie, both to ourselves and to others.

The magazine starts out explaining how the Disney film moved the story of Pinnochio a long way from the tale devised by an educationalist as a meditation on telling lies and giving in to temptation. It's a clever start, and we guarantee you'll be fascinated as well as informed by B&B.