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XStitch aims, in the words of its creator Jamie Chalmers, to provide the world of cross stitch magazines with 'a shot in the arm'. That's to put it mildly because this is as much a movement as a magazine, and it's growing.

The broader, public perception of the needlework community is arguably limited by lazy stereotyping: a quiet, backseat activity for older folks, even an out of date art form. XStitch shakes this all up to showcase a large, vibrant, multi-facted, cross-generational hive of design creativity that is – because it intersects so neatly with mindfulness –perfectly attuned to how we live now. Yes, cross stitch is fun, stylish, cool and clearly good for you It's headed in all sorts of directions and this magazine is your excellent guide to fresh artists, designers, materials, patterns and pattern makers from all over the world to help you make your mark and feed your soul. Get on board.

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