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Kitchen Toke


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Kitchen Toke is a new US quarterly focused on cooking with cannabis that, if nothing else, highlights how quickly this interesting scene is developing.

There's no whiff of Furry Freak Brothers here. Targeted at a broad readership of roughly 35 to 65 year-old professionals who have the means or curiosity to splash out on a twenty dollar magazine, the premier issue of Kitchen Toke arrives with a fab cover by renowned New Yorker illustrator David Plunkert. The photography, if not overly imaginative, is expertly handled and it’s a very refined, attractively designed magazine throughout. With several US states having legalised cannabis it’s no surprise that it’s less about hash brownies than the burgeoning craze for artisanal, gourmet weed-infused edibles, introduced by top cannabis chefs, restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and health campaigners.

This is a fascinating magazine on many levels and quite some way distanced from traditional stoner culture. Even those not inclined towards using weed will find the observations and reporting on this new, still-controversial industry very insightful. 

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