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The Shelf Journal


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Bound in expensive card, finished with contrasting coloured edging and printed in a slightly extended A4 format, The Shelf Journal is one of the most beautiful magazines we've seen at Magalleria. But that's all before you even look inside.

This magazine is as unique as it is beautiful. Laid out in two languages (English and French) it looks a paragon of consistency, yet it is quite idiosyncratic; it seems to have invented its own design and typographic scheme. The publishers (Colin Caradec and Morgane Rébulard) have said they've want to create their own universe, and they run their own typographic and graphic design company. They're very sensitised to elements of book design that would pass by many observers – they have an eye for interesting ornamental embellishments, coats of arms, border devices and the like, and this clearly informs the impact of the journal when you first open it. Content-wise, the journal provides interviews with expert authorities on the art of books – makers, designers and keepers – with a pleasing curiosity and a taste for the experimental.

If you're dedicated to paper and print you'll love The Shelf Journal.

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